A life-changing martial arts program for adults

Our adult martial arts training program caters to those seeking a unique alternative to the traditional gym routine. We emphasize the cultivation of practical martial arts skills that yield tangible benefits in both training and everyday life.

About our Adult Martial Arts Classes

  • Training that will build whole-body strength and stamina
  • Real-world, street-smart self-defense to provide you with the personal protection tool set you need
  • Kicking and striking drills
  • Improving your coordination and flexibility with speed, agility, and strength drills
  • Martial arts calisthenics exercises and stretching

Have you always wanted to try martial arts? Now is the time!

Did you take martial arts as a kid but never progressed far enough to achieve your goals? Or is martial arts something you’ve wanted to try for a while but haven’t had the courage to start? Why wait? Experience the life changing benefits of martial arts today! The thing we hear most from adults is, “I wish I would have started earlier.” Whether someone is 4 or 104 years old, there is never a wrong time to begin your martial arts journey. Martial arts is about your own personal growth – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Tiger Rock Martial Arts will help guide your transformation in a safe and friendly learning environment.

Martial arts offers incredible, life-changing benefits

Our core adult martial arts program combines the Korean traditions of Taekwondo with the latest physical fitness science. This combination creates a signature workout that helps you become more fit, increase your focus, and feel more balanced! Everyone at Tiger Rock Martial Arts works together as a family to provide a safe environment for you to transform yourself into the best version of yourself. Martial arts is so much more than kicking and punching. In addition to being a very fun way to stay fit, martial arts is a way of life – a mindset of the pursuit of excellence. This mindset is referred to as “a warrior’s mindset.” A warrior’s mindset will help you whether your goal is to be a better parent, a better friend, get a promotion, or improve your fitness level. The benefits obtained from practicing martial arts are truly endless.

Skills & awareness

Tiger-Rock’s adult classes are built on a distinctive and comprehensive martial arts system. This system blends Korean traditions like taekwondo, hanumdo, and hapkido with elements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and fitness training. It’s not just a workout; it’s a transformative experience that equips you with valuable skills, heightens your awareness, and provides physical tools for personal growth.

In these classes, you will:

  • Enhance your self-confidence, discipline, and focus.
  • Develop crucial self-defense and personal protection abilities.
  • Acquire the tools necessary to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Achievement & growth

Few experiences can match the satisfaction of earning recognition from your peers as you ascend to higher levels of achievement. At Tiger-Rock, our adult members engage in skills examinations and competitive events designed to assess your proficiency and mastery of the techniques and knowledge you’ve acquired through training.

Our program offers:

  • Multiple opportunities throughout the year for rank advancement.
  • Three significant competitive events, including a major destination tournament.
  • An enjoyable and dynamic setting where you can challenge your skills against fellow members in a friendly and fast-paced environment.

Fitness & Community

In our busy lives, finding time for exercise and self-care can be a challenge. That’s why at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, our adult program places a strong emphasis on teamwork and accountability. We foster a supportive environment where program participants uplift and motivate one another.

When you become a member of our Tiger-Rock academy, you’re not just signing up for classes; you’re joining a team. Our community-oriented atmosphere is designed to enhance your self-concept, boost self-confidence, and rekindle your self-efficacy, ensuring a holistic approach to personal growth and well-being.

See what Sandy parents & families have to say about Tiger-Rock!

4.8 65 reviews

  • Avatar Tyler Gibbons ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I’m extremely pleased with the karate classes at Tiger Rock for my kids. The flexibility in scheduling … More is a huge advantage, allowing us to attend classes consistently every week. The instructors are dedicated and skilled, ensuring each session is not only educational but also engaging for the children. It’s evident that the money invested in these classes is well spent, contributing significantly to my kids’ physical fitness and discipline. Highly recommend Tiger Rock for anyone looking for a great martial arts experience for their children
  • Avatar Amanda Apple ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    We started with Tiger Rock shortly after they opened when the Cubs classes had only 1-2 students per … More class. From the very beginning Mr. and Mrs. Cantwell were professional, yet fun and taught amazing things to our 4 year old. We started because our son was quiet and sensitive and the training is geared toward finding their young voices and controlling their bodies. We love it!
  • Avatar Lauren Brown ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Tiger Rock’s staff is just phenomenal and the facility is top notch. We drive from South Jordan to train … More here because my boys love it. Special shout out to Ms. Bennett for her kindness and patience with my youngest, but truly everyone is great. My oldest told me he wants to do martial arts forever after his second class 🙂 highly recommended!